NDAP Driver Qualification Management

The DQ system uses a simple "RED" and "GREEN" DOT compliant status and takes advantage of technology to transmit, communicate and approve the documents submitted. What also makes our DQ system unique is that we automatically "score" the MVR's we run for the client. This helps highlight possible at-risk drivers prior to hiring or in completing their annual driver review.  Partnering with Blueline, NDAP coordinates and tracks all the random drug testing for your CDL drivers.  



GPS Tracking & Management 

Group map, breadcrumb, route replay, current location, historical tracking, driver behavior metrics capture (Excess Idling, Harsh Braking, Harsh Cornering, Harsh Acceleration, Speeding, Accident Detection), rolling 12  month behavior trending report.



Driver Safety Tracking

Automated 1-800-WeValueSafety call-in sticker program designed to keep your driver accountable for their actions on the road.



Injury & Incident Management

Track injury and incidents for employees, attach documents and images, reminder alerts for missing documents, and more.


We can customize any of the above services to meet your business needs. Inquire today and learn more.